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Corporate Apartments Memphis – Property for Rent


It is the dream of every project manager to land a lucrative project with a major, even Fortune 500 company.  A lot of time and effort went into the work behind the project, and in getting it to the point you are ready to work with the major players in that company.  You know that this will mean a team of your associates traveling to the corporate location for your partner in this project.  Fortunately for you, their corporate office is in Memphis and you and your team are very excited to spend the necessary time in Memphis to bring the project to completion. You may even need some return trips after the initial kick off.


You realize that you and your team will need accommodations in Memphis.  You know that a hotel will just not be the answer.  What you need is corporate apartments Memphis.  You need a place where you and your team can feel comfortable and at home.  You also need to feel secure and safe.  In addition you need to have a place that is accommodating to your business partners, for special meetings and perhaps nice dinners to relax.  Your corporate apartments Memphis needs can be met with all this and more by Now Leasing.  The properties we have for rent in Nashville and Memphis will offer the perfect solution for your needs.


At Now Leasing we pride ourselves on offering the finest corporate apartments Memphis available, together with all the amenities and features that are important to business associates such as you.  We have been doing this for over 40 years and we really know what we are doing.  We are locally owned, which means we have firsthand experience and knowledge of the area.  There is no company who can more efficiently and knowledgeably work with you for the corporate apartments in Memphis and Nashville than Now Leasing.


You will be more than satisfied with all that we can do for you.  And your budget will be particularly happy as you will be paying less for corporate apartments Memphis than you would pay for a hotel.   How many times have you been able to bring a project in under budget?  By coming to us at Now leasing, your corporate apartments Memphis will be at a cost that is reasonable and will not break your budget. We understand when looking for properties to rent for your corporate projects it’s important to find an affordable, warm accommodation for the team.


So, how do you go about acquiring corporate apartments Memphis?  How do you find property for rent? What is your first step?  All you really need to know about corporate apartments Memphis is to call (888-387-8352) or contact our Now Leasing team.  We will expertly guide you.

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