Extended Stay in Memphis

Extended Stay in Memphis


When you are in need of an extended stay in Memphis you will feel fortunate to have Now Leasing to help you with a solution.  Since 1969, Now Leasing has been the go-to company for all extended stay in Memphis. We have built our company on the reputation of being able to provide individuals and companies with their housing needs while in Memphis.  And extended stay in Memphis is part of our experience.


We know that you have other things on your mind and many tasks to complete. Perhaps your circumstance is that you need to come to Memphis to care for a family member who lives there.  There are a lot of unknowns in this situation, including the length of time you will need to be there, and how much of your time will be required to spend with your family member.  One thing is for certain; that is, you do not need to spend your time finding extended stay in Memphis.  Leave that to our team.  We have the experience, the knowledge, and the resources.  We know each step of the process and can help you with ease.  Your time and effort will be spent on family matters and the details at home that you need to care of before you leave.  Our time and effort will be spent on one thing – finding you the perfect extended stay in Memphis.


We will not find you just any ordinary extended stay in Memphis. You will feel right at home with all the amenities and furnishings you can imagine.  We will take care of you with 24/7 customer support.  You will be located in one of the finest residential communities and you will feel right at home in your extended stay in Memphis.  You will have unlimited long distance included, so you can keep in touch with your family back at home.  All this will be there for you, and at a reasonable price – much better than a hotel would be.  You will not need to worry about your budget being overwhelmed.


You also need not worry about how long you will need to stay.  We have very flexible arrangements and can accommodate your extended stay in Memphis – again at a reasonable cost.  Our reasonable monthly bill includes all your furnishings, cookware, telephone, utilities and your rent.


Call us today for the details (888-387-8352).  The sooner you get us working with you and for you in Memphis, the better for you.  Your time and effort will soon take care of the details at home and you will be on your way to Memphis to care for your family member here.


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