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Furnished Apartments in Memphis – Apartment Rentals – Short and Long Term Lease


You may know a lot about furnished apartments, but do you know about furnished apartments in Memphis?  You may even have visited Memphis before and know something about the city, its central location, and the business opportunities in the city.  You may also know and even have participated in “Memphis in May,” the month long celebration that we hold to celebrate and promote our heritage and people.  All that you have seen and experienced is good.  It is, however, different than knowing enough to locate and acquire furnished apartments in Memphis.  It is likely that you will need some assistance when you are faced with the prospect of finding short term furnished apartments in Memphis. You may even want more than just assistance, you may want expert assistance.


Enter Now Leasing.  We are experts in the area of furnished apartment rentals in Memphis and Nashville.  We are local and we have been in business more than 40 years.  We know the details you need to know and we love to work with people, such as you, to help you find the perfect furnished apartments in Memphis for your needs and desires.


Our locations are in the finest residential communities.  We include the best and most desired amenities for our clients.  We even offer upgrades for those special circumstances that might come up.  You can easily realize by browsing all that we offer, that in fact, we offer more than you would have ever known.  Our short term leases on furnished apartments in Memphis and Nashville are indeed a home away from home, complete with everything that you could need and desire.


So now you could be thinking “how can I afford this – there is so much and it must be expensive.”  No worries.  We consider expense and especially budgets, such as yours, in our pricing and our offerings.  Not only are our prices reasonable, they are much less than you would pay in a hotel that wouldn’t even offer you the surroundings and comfort that we do with our furnished apartments in Memphis.


One of our most unique benefits is that we are flexible.  You do not need to sign a lengthy contract for your furnished apartments in Memphis.  We offer flexible lease terms (from 1 week to 1 year).   And one monthly bill pays for your short term leased furnished apartments rentals in Memphis and Nashville, including all furnishings, cookware, telephone, utilities and much, much more.  This will be the easiest leasing experience ever.


Don’t delay.  Call us today, at 888-387-8352, or simply fill out our contact form.  Our team at Now Leasing will take care of you and help you realize you have made the best decision possible.



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