Furnished Apartments Memphis

Furnished Apartments Memphis


Let’s say you and your family are taking an extended trip across country.  You will be stopping at various cities and taking in all the sites and beauties of this country.  One area you are particularly interested in visiting and experiencing is Memphis, TN.  You have even planned your trip here so that you can take advantage of “Memphis in May.”  The month-long festivities celebrate our heritage and people.  What a fabulous trip and experience you are going to have.


As you make your plans, you realize that you will need a place for your family to stay.  You are considering a hotel, and you would like to look into fully furnished apartments Memphis.  You don’t know all the reasons that you might like furnished apartments Memphis better, but you are pretty certain that a hotel will not be exactly the best situation for you.


No worries.  Just call us (888-387-8352) and we will be your resource.  We are Now Leasing, and we specialize in housing, including fully furnished apartments in Memphis and Nashville communities.  We have helped and guided many individuals and companies over the years to find their perfect fully furnished apartments and housing to Memphis, and we can bring success to you as well.


We have been the leader in fully furnished apartments Memphis since 1969.  During those years of business we have learned that people want a flexible plan, they want great amenities, they truly need reasonable cost, and they often would like to upgrade to fit their needs.  As you browse through our information you will be convinced that we are the answer for you.  We will help you with your furnished apartments Memphis needs.


You may be concerned that if you and your family want to stay a little longer than originally planned, it might be a problem with your furnished apartments Memphis.  Fear not – at Now Leasing, we offer flexibility that will be sure to meet your needs.


So, what will you get by working with our Now Leasing team?  You will get your choice of beautiful properties in the finest residential communities.  You will get numerous amenities and features to go with your furnished apartments Memphis.  You will be able to upgrade if needed for your travel and family requirements.  Your place will be fully furnished with all the amenities of home.  You will get all this, plus 24/7 customer support at a price that is reasonable and will please you and your budget.


Now Leasing provides fully furnished apartments and housing solutions to the surrounding Memphis and Nashville communities. Contact us right away and you will be taken care of by one of our friendly and experienced representatives.  We will answer your questions and take you step-by-step through the process.


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