A Place To Call Home During and After a Divorce

One of the many major decisions you will need to make during and after a divorce is where you will choose to live temporarily. You may have been told or realized one of the following:

  • It s best to move out to keep peace in the home.
  • The negotiations have been finalized and it s time to move on… and decide what to do next.
  • Your new home isn t ready to move into yet.

For various reasons, Nashville and Memphis area divorcees will most likely experience a time when you will need temporary housing during a divorce.

We d like to recommend a Now Leasing fully furnished rental. Here s why…

We can help you find the perfect temporary kid-friendly short term stay.

Your family therapist, pastor, and attorney will most likely tell you that the children need as few disruptions as possible during divorce. They need consistency, familiarity and peace in order to heal and thrive after divorce. Children also need to be close to both parents, school and their friends. Attorneys and therapists will recommend keeping a child s environment as calm and as familiar as you can during this life-changing experience.

Now Leasing can help you find the perfect kid-friendly temporary home in Brentwood, Franklin, Germantown, Nashville, Memphis and the surrounding areas. Your children can have the same comforts they’ve become accustomed to- parks, playgrounds, entertainment, school and more. Our rentals are furnished with the luxury and comfort they need to get them through this difficult season and help them transition into their new lives.

There s no need to lower your standard of comfort.

During this difficult season, divorcees in Franklin, Brentwood, Germantown and other Memphis and Nashville areas will often need to move from their luxurious 4,000 square ft. custom dream home to a much smaller space. Furnishings generally stay in the home until the settlement has been finalized. We have good news for you: You don t have to settle for below average temporary housing with sub-standard furnishings.

Now Leasing is the ideal temporary and fully furnished experience for downsizing and transitioning. Our designer furnishings and decor are similar to what you experienced in your previous home. Unlike an extended stay hotel, your comfort level will not change. You can have the comforts you need to heal and move forward into your new life.

There is flexibility with a Now Leasing experience

You have no way of knowing how long your divorce will take. In Tennessee, if you have minor children, there s a 90-day cooling off period no matter how simple or complicated your divorce process. Otherwise, the cooling off period is 60 days. And lets face it; We’ve all heard the horror stories of divorces lasting anywhere from 1-2 years. Often times with larger estates divorces become more complicated and can last longer.

Now Leasing offers flexible leasing options. Accommodations can be weekly, monthly or yearly. You don t have to worry about making too much of a commitment to a lease. Flexible lease terms give you the freedom to take your time and decide what s best for your future housing needs during and after your divorce is final.

New single life

Our Now Leasing experiences are located in the best parts of Brentwood, Nashville, Franklin, Germantown and the Greater Memphis area. These are some of the most vibrant and active cities in the USA. You are within steps of entertainment, nightlife, phenomenal dining experiences and more.

Our rentals are complete with on-site amenities like exercise facilities, saunas, restaurants and more. Amenities can also include fantastic community spaces, 5 star swimming pools, hot tubs, fire pits, grills, and tennis courts. Ideal and non-threatening spaces to get out and meet new friends, and perhaps find new love. It s the perfect environment for healing and moving on.

Fully furnished rentals

We are here to help divorcees in the Nashville and Memphis areas navigate temporary housing decisions during the separation and divorce process. There s no need to lower your level of comfort. Let your Now Leasing experts help you find the perfect transitional, fully furnished space that will help you move into your new life beyond marriage.