The Shay

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9 City Place, Nashville, Tennessee

Property Description

Standing as a beacon, The Shay invites residents to live in harmony

Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, The Shay stands as a testament to a lifestyle that goes beyond mere accommodation. These vibrant communities have been carefully designed to foster an active, healthy and mentally active lifestyle while embracing modern living and harmonious natural environments

The area has a unique appeal in the seamless integration of nature and open spaces in The Shay. Residents find themselves enveloped in a peaceful environment, with lush vegetation and open spaces that offer a sense of tranquility. The strategic placement of the property allows residents to not only live in the community but be an integral part of the surrounding natural beauty.

More than just a place to stay, The Shay is a haven for those on a journey of self-discovery. Communities thrive on the shared experiences of diverse residents, encouraging connections beyond residential boundaries. By promising a sense of belonging, The Shay becomes a canvas for personal growth and discovery, where each resident is encouraged to embrace his or her own unique journey

What sets The Shay apart is not just the physical location but the mood that fills its streets. The community is built on a foundation of sustainability, with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices that contribute to a healthier planet. From energy-efficient design to green community spaces, this coveted property is a testament to the belief that mindful living extends beyond individual choices to shape the collective well-being of a community

In this carefully crafted setting, The Shay emerges as the ideal destination for individuals seeking a balanced and purposeful lifestyle.

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Location Amenities

Community Lounge
Coworking space
Fire Pit
Fitness Center
Outdoor Courtyard
Outdoor Grilling
Parking Garage
Pet Friendly
Pet Spa
Swimming Pool
Valet Trash