Luxury Corporate Housing Is Within Your Reach During An Economic Boom

Nashville is HOTTER and in more demand than it has been in any year in our history. Because of this trend, corporate housing has become high in demand, leaving many business travelers stuck without a home away from home or resigned to a mediocre corporate suite.

Places like the spectacular new Nashville Convention Center along with a multitude of professional conferences and other business attractions have brought RECORD NUMBERS of corporate executives and visitors to Music City for business purposes.

While some companies may have difficulty booking even subpar, mediocre corporate suites for their employees due to availability, clients of Now Leasing are finding and securing THE PREMIERE luxury corporate suites in the hottest locations around Nashville, Memphis and other hot and growing USA cities.

According to the Corporate Housing Industry Presentation published by the General Services Administration, the average number of nights stayed for a corporate housing booking currently sits at about 85 nights. This number is up from 78 nights per booking just ten years ago.

Nashville Memphis corporate housing average night stay

When it comes to Memphis and Nashville, TN more people are coming and they are staying longer, which further complicates corporate suite availability.

According to the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau, Nashville saw 13.9 million visitors this past year alone. This can make finding available space for an 80-90 day stay quite difficult. For this reason Now Leasing continues to secure and provide the finest corporate suites located in the hottest areas of booming Nashville and Memphis.

Many companies are selling extended stay for the masses, resulting in customers not receiving the QUALITY and LIFESTYLE they have worked so hard to achieve. Options like these (which can often contain extended-stay hotels, full service hotels, condos and apartment communities) do not always provide the full list of amenities that OUR clients are seeking. The following data from CHPA shows more clearly the benefits of corporate housing as opposed to alternative options.

Nashville Memphis corporate housing needs

It s clear that corporate suites are the better investment, even without factoring in the far-above-industry standards that Now Leasing provides. Not only are our properties state of the art in design and technology, but also delivers an excellent hospitality experience. We are happy to be your partner while we have the pleasure of hosting you in hot Music City.

Now Leasing has the perfect place for you, your associates and your family! Every executive has a different story and a different lifestyle when they clock out. While you are a client of Now Leasing, you will be working with a company that creates the luxurious and unwinding experience when you walk through the door.

Is your idea of unwinding a nightcap with co-workers after closing the big deal?

How about a nice family dinner with bedtime stories at the end?

Or perhaps a Martini before a night out on the town listening to good music?

Your idea of luxury and unwinding can be ANYTHING YOU WANT it to be with Now Leasing. You work hard so we are here to do the same for you by finding you the best possible place in Nashville to live.

Our goal is to deliver you the spoils of what you work so hard for. Let us encourage you to not wait until everything is booked. DO NOT SETTLE for something less than you deserve.

Call Now Leasing today to discuss your options at our incredible properties in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee.