Remote Workers Can Work Anywhere, Here’s Why it Should Be Memphis

Are you one of the lucky US corporate executives and remote workers who can take care of business ANYWHERE? Are you tired of the same bland cities and the same dull extended stay hotels and furnished apartments?

In a recent post, we made the case that your remote work should be done from Music City USA! And in a Now Leasing fully furnished suite, of course. We shared how working from home is becoming a popular choice for professionals. Home-based workers are starting to not only look beyond their office buildings but also the cities in which they live!

Now we’re asking why not work from Memphis?

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Memphis is quickly moving up on the lists of places to live. Don t believe us? Check out this Time article: The 25 Cities Where Millennials Are Moving.

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So why work from Memphis?

For starters since 2009, the unemployment rate has plummeted to one if its records lows. And take a look at this graph showing the boom in population!

Memphis Residential Population Growth

memphis economy

…It’s Perfect for busy professionals

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Memphis is not your average boring city with stuffy offices, extended stay hotels, and downtown experiences. Instead, Memphis offers RICH history, culture, diversity, incredible music and entertainment.

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Memphis is For Millennials

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Millennials are often tech-savvy young professionals, allowing them to work anywhere in the country. They started working from Starbucks and now occupy co-working spaces. Millennials are pioneering the remote working trend and showing us all just where it can go. There are distinct advantages for millennials who work from home in Memphis.

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…A Win For Working Parents!

Short-term residential suites

A recent study found 72% of women in leadership roles were parents or caregivers. Parents can WOW their kids with trips to Graceland, the Memphis Zoo and Beale Street! With activities ranging from historical to musical, there is no shortage of things to do or memories to make with your kids.

Here are some great Memphis attractions for working parents:

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  • Children’s Museum of Memphis Kids are invited to explore and interact with a variety of exhibits. There is a splash park during the summer!
  • Memphis Zoo Over 3,500 animals housed on its 70 acres! The Zoo offers hours of entertainment and education for kids and adults alike.
  • Peabody Ducks At 11 a.m., in the Peabody Hotel, the Duckmaster leads the ducks down from Penthouse in the elevator, to a red carpet into a fountain, where they spend the day splashing away.
  • Graceland Of all the attractions in Memphis, the home of Elvis Presley is the most popular and it s the most famous house in the history of rock n roll.

Make Memphis Your Destination!

Memphis is filled with rich traditions, stunning architectural achievements, an active nightlife and some of the best food this side of the Mason-Dixon. Let Now Leasing help you find the perfect short-term residential suite for your Memphis experience.

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