The Now Leasing Experience vs the Extended Stay Hotel

The Now Leasing Experience vs the Extended Stay Hotel

When booking short-term corporate housing in Nashville or Memphis, the first thought many people have is to book an extended stay motel or hotel. These furnished mini-suites have become a go-to staple for rentals needed beyond a few days. Extended stay hotel rentals are a safe bet- generally nice, clean and somewhat easy on the budget and on the eyes. But why play it safe?

What if we told you there s a much better, more appealing alternative to extended stay hotels in Nashville and Memphis? And it s probably within your travel budget. Would you be interested?

If so, read on…

It s time to ditch the bad photos and the temperamental air conditioner in your nice-enough suite. Don t settle for being stuck in seclusion near the airport where the only thing to eat is the chain restaurant next door full of screaming kids. You have far too much to do and see to waste away in a cookie cutter extended stay hotel.

Our Now Leasing suites offer short-term corporate and personal renters a more peaceful, luxurious experience in the hottest and trendiest parts of Nashville and Memphis. Close to everything you need to see. And well within your financial reach!

Here are 5 reasons to choose the Now Leasing experience over an extended stay chain hotel in Memphis and Nashville:

  1. Location, Location, Location

While most extended stay hotels like to set up shop in the industrial graveyard (often way out by the airport), Now Leasing offers executive suites in the nicest and trendiest apartment and condo buildings in and around Nashville and Memphis. Our luxury suites often overlook the lights of downtown, offering easy access nightlife, fine dining, and entertainment. Want something quieter? We also have luxury suites in the more quaint parts of town. Close to shopping, farmer’s markets and some of the best comfort food in the South!

  1. No Equality in Quality

At Now Leasing, we believe you shouldn’t have to wonder if your comforter has been washed or if your water glasses are clean. Our clients are met with the highest level of service standards. You can be sure that our luxury residential options are the best in town. Our Memphis and Nashville furnished residential homes are more than a place to live and sleep. We outfit all of our properties with unique designer furnishings. Our suites are more than just beautiful on the inside, too. Take advantage of lush gardens and hiking trails or cool off in beautiful pools with outdoor cabanas, billiards tables and fireplaces. Our quality surroundings cannot be matched!

  1. Amenities Galore

It seems that the best an extended stay hotel can offer in amenities is a small kitchen with a stove that you can’t fit a skillet on. At Now Leasing, you can get a beautiful full chef s kitchen with granite countertops, new appliances and a fridge that can fit more than a few airplane bottles. You can actually host a dinner party with business clients or make a home cooked meal for a night in. Enjoy pools, saunas, gyms, theatres and more. We have a long list of amenities you can find here.

  1. Lifestyle Planning

At any run-of-the-mill extended-stay hotel, a quick trip down to guest services is all it takes to get tips on where to go or what to do. The only problem is, they tend to only send you to chain restaurants close to the hotel or to attractions you might visit on a 6th-grade field trip. At Now Leasing, our concierge services give you the hottest spots in town for dining and entertainment. We also help you with reservations and help you pick the perfect night out based on your specific likes and interests. Whether you are looking for unique and upscale shopping, the best spa experiences, or those eateries that only the locals know about, the Now Leasing team is here to help you find the best experiences in Memphis and Nashville. We will help you go home with a story to tell.

  1. Work-Life Coordination

Do you find yourself dreading the move-out after a month in a room? At Now Leasing, our dedicated team can work directly with your employer to take care of all the details. We even help you with move-out! Now Leasing will talk to your employer to arrange the perfect place, close to where you need to be for work. Our team can help you get moved in and plan your stay while you are here. When it is time for you to depart, we arrange checkout, help you move your baggage to the airport, secure a ride and we even return items like formal attire.

Choose Now Leasing, You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Let your stay in Nashville and Memphis be filled with good business deals, new friends, memories, experiences you will never forget, and incredible food. We are here to make your life easier while giving you the best that Nashville and Memphis Tennessee has to offer. Let the team at Now Leasing help you find the perfect short-term residential suite in Nashville or Memphis. We can t wait to meet you!

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