Top 5 Unique Luxury Spa Treatments in Nashville

You’ve been in meetings all day. These aren’t just any meetings. For c-suite and other corporate executives, meetings can take on a heightened level of emotional and physical intensity. There are decisions to be made that affect hundreds if not thousands of lives and millions of dollars every day. It’s a battle to rise to the top and a battle to stay there. Stress in the workplace costs U.S. industry hundreds of millions of dollars every year and is linked to each of the six leading causes of death.

Most corporate executives who stay in our suites are frequent travelers. Just traveling alone can cause additional stress. This article from the New York Times highlights the connection between frequent travel and stress-related illness. “Doctors at organizations including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the International Society of Travel Medicine say they are hearing of a range of health problems in frequent travelers, from insomnia and weight gain to viruses.”


We’ve made sure that when you stay in a Now Leasing luxury suite, you feel as relaxed and spa-like as possible. When you walk in the door, your stress and worries melt away. We’ve thought of everything you will need: From a zen-like, calming atmosphere to incredible stress-reducing amenities.

Think you may need EVEN MORE stress relief? When you stay in a Now Leasing short-term luxury suite, you are ONLY MINUTES AWAY from some of the most exquisite and exclusive spa experiences Nashville has to offer. You are only minutes away from muscle relaxation, peace, and centering!

We’ve chosen a few of our favorite spa experiences in Nashville, just to give you a taste of what awaits.

1. Escape Day Spa – Organic Detox Espresso Scrub and Mud Treatment

This ultra decadent and detoxifying journey begins with a thorough rich east African expresso mud exfoliation. Linger as you are wrapped in a cocoon to detox with Indian sarsaparilla for its purifying and anti-inflammatory benefits, Indian tobacco for its ability to draw out impurities from the skin, along with, volcanic pumice to sweep away rough dry skin and silt clay, shea butter, and honey for maximum hydration. This treatment also helps relieve irritated skin and joint problems and has respiratory and digestive benefits. As you feel bliss in your cocoon you will receive a scalp treatment and massage designed to relax, ease muscle aches and rebalance a stressed nervous system. After enjoying the steady waterfall rinse in the Vichy shower and meditation time under the rainfall, you will be lavished with the hypnotic scents of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar for the ultimate in hydration leaving velvety, satin skin…the ultimate in body luxury.

Special note: Escape Day Spa is known for its incredible service and relaxing projection screen lounge.

Now Leasing recommends escape day spa nashville short term stay

2. Urban Oasis Day Spa– Oasis Massage

Relax and unwind with their signature massage. This circulatory Swedish massage reduces tension and soothes sore muscles while increasing blood circulation & tissue metabolism which draws the body into a state of relaxation. A perfect first-time massage.

Special note: Urban Oasis is known for their incredible essential oils selection, pain relieving balms, handmade and all natural massage creme body scrub and delicious selection of mimosas, green tea and wine.

Now Leasing recommends urban oasis spa nashville short term stay

3. O.Liv Body Bar – The Cheaper Than Botox Facial Paired with the Mud Room

This facial is cheaper than botox with instant results! The new Arctic Berry Illuminating Peptide facial is perfect for any season and any skin type. The facial includes their signature Eminence Organic Facial + the Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide treatment, as well as the Citrus & Kale Potent C + E, mask & serum. They top all of that off with a luscious lip treatment! The Mud Room is also a great way to relax and repair your tired skin. Cooling and fun, this is an experience worth enjoying.

Special note: O.Liv Body bar boasts an amazing essential oil bar where you can create a customized blend. While there, check out their delightful retail space!

Now Leasing recommends o liv body bar nashville short term stay

4. Woodhouse Day Spa (Franklin)- The Blissful Night Sleep Treatment

This treatment provides the perfect backdrop for stress relief, balance and a restful experience beginning with a dry brush exfoliation and essential oil anointing for lymph flow. A back, neck and scalp massage, along with a warm/cool Vichy shower will follow for an escape into serenity. This treatment is wonderful as it boosts antioxidants to detox the body, refreshing your skin.

Special note: While at Woodhouse, you MUST try the Tub Room. They also supply the softest robes and sandals.

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5. Relache Day Spa – The Fire & Ice Massage

This one of a kind massage combines a full body soothing warm basalt stone massage with a cool Himalayan salt facial treatment. Our therapists specialize in this treatment giving you warm comfort paired with the cool sensation of exfoliating care. The Fire and Ice Massage experience is ideal for the business executive- melting away stress and tension, leaving you feeling hydrated, relaxed and the very best version of you.

Special note: Going to Relache is a half-day experience. Get lunch and hang out in the Relache lounge area. Have coffee or tea in your robe while you lay back in the recliners. After your treatment, take a nice long shower in the locker room, read a magazine and use their vanity space to blow dry and get ready at your own pace.

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We hope you, busy executive traveler, take time for self-care and utilize some of these incredible Nashville area spa experiences.

Don’t feel like you can make it out to a spa or have the time to book it? No worries… We have concierge services that will bring the spa experience to you!

We will take care of everything.

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