What Should you Consider if You Want to Rent a Corporate Apartment in Memphis or Nashville?

First, if you want to rent a corporate apartment in Memphis or Nashville, you should know that it is rented out to employees who need temporary housing. Most of the time, these “turnkey” apartments come fully furnished and can be rented for a monthly price that covers all utilities.

A corporate apartment gets its name from the benefits it offers to “corporate” professionals who may move around a lot.

In addition to the corporate executives and employees who gave the term its name, other people may benefit when they want to rent a corporate apartment.

Corporate apartments are ideal for home hunters who haven’t yet found the “right location” or want to explore the neighborhood before signing a long-term lease.

A corporate apartment has all the amenities of a regular apartment, like a full kitchen and separate living areas. In addition, a typical corporate apartment is more significant than a conventional hotel room.

And the person who rents a corporate apartment can use all the amenities that long-term residents in regular apartments can, such as gyms, clubhouses, business centers, swimming pools, and barbecue areas.

Rent Corporate Apartments: Positives and Negatives

Like any other type of housing, corporate apartments have pros and cons that could make or break your decision to rent one.

Fortunately, we have you covered. The benefits and drawbacks of corporate apartments are listed below.

Benefits of Renting a Corporate Apartment

Corporate lease apartments are flexible, affordable, and ready to use right away, among other things. Here is a more thorough examination of the benefits of leasing a business apartment:

Flexibility: Many corporate housing options provide month-to-month or shorter lease agreements. Whether you’re going on a lengthy vacation or preparing for a major business takeover, they are ideal in various circumstances.

Cost-effective: When you consider how much it costs to move and set up an entire apartment, corporate apartments are much cheaper than regular apartments.

Ready to use right away: When you rent a corporate apartment, you need only unpack your necessities and fill the refrigerator.

The Drawbacks of Renting a Corporate Apartment

Thankfully, there aren’t many drawbacks to corporate housing.

Fewer options: You might have fewer choices than hotels regarding corporate housing, but you can find a place in a neighborhood that caters to businesses.

Cost: Cost may or may not be a disadvantage. When compared to the cost of living in an apartment without furniture, corporate housing is less of a deal. Regular, long-term apartment rentals will probably be less expensive, but it’s essential to remember that these apartments don’t come furnished with beds, furniture, or other amenities.

However, employees won’t have to sign a long-term lease when living in corporate housing, allowing them to come and go as their employer thinks appropriate.

If you want to rent a corporate apartment in Memphis or Nashville, you are in the right place.

Now Leasing has the knowledge and experience to find the best corporate apartment in Memphis or Nashville for you.

Rent Corporate Apartments

What distinguishes Now Leasing corporate apartments from regular apartments?

Although corporate and regular apartments are temporary accommodations, they might differ significantly.

Now Leasing ensures that the places they rent are just what their clients want.

Location of the apartment:

When looking to rent a corporate apartment, clients often prioritize location.

Now Leasing offers corporate rentals close to a city’s business district. We do this because we know that employees and company leaders have busy lives.

Because of this attention to detail, employees can take advantage of short-term housing near their workplace, which cuts down on the time they have to spend getting to and from work in the morning and evening.

Also, most of our corporate apartments are located close to places to eat and things to do.

Customer service:

Compared to regular apartments, customer service at Now Leasing is better and faster.

Most of the time, employees of Now Leasing are available to help clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will go out of their way to make sure they are comfortable.

All our staff members must know about the local nightlife, restaurants, and events and give great customer service.

Fully furnished:

Rent Corporate Apartments

Most corporate apartments are already fully furnished, but regular apartments aren’t fully furnished until someone moves in.

Now Leasing’s corporate apartments have comfortable places to sit, enough space for living, a kitchen table, and most other things clients need. These apartments are not only furnished. They were created to be warm and welcoming.


Now Leasing’s commercial rentals include a fully functional kitchen. All apartments have kitchen conveniences, including ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers. Other devices, like toasters and coffee makers, are also easy to find.

Each apartment has cooking pots and pans, dishes, cutlery, and silverware. Employees with unique dietary needs or who are tired of eating out will find these accommodations ideal.


In a regular apartment, utilities are usually paid on top of rent. However, utilities are included when renting a corporate apartment through Now Leasing, so there are no extra costs, including the internet.

Cleaning services:

Now Leasing provides housekeeping during your stay.

Most of the time, this means more than just making sure the beds and towels are clean. It also means straightening up and organizing living spaces.

Recreational spaces:

Although most apartment buildings also have recreational spaces like fitness centers, swimming pools, BBQ pits, and other gathering spaces, these spaces are included in almost all Now Leasing corporate apartments.

Bonus services:

Service is a top priority for Now Leasing during your stay. You may rely on us for anything you require. We can find you a fitness trainer, stock your refrigerator with food, organize flights, pick up your mail, conduct your shopping, and propose the best places to go out and have fun. If you’d like, we’ll even handle your laundry. We want to help you if you have any needs or wants.

How to Locate Corporate Apartments in Memphis or Nashville

You’re in luck if you’re looking to rent a corporate apartment in Memphis or Nashville.

To help you find your ideal apartment, visit our site to see our lists and contact us.

Now Leasing is not a standard corporate housing company.

We have been in the business for more than 40 years and treat every customer like family.

Our staff is skilled and dedicated to helping our customers, and we always go above and beyond what they expect.

Now Leasing has boutique properties with the highest level of luxury for our guests who may need a unique temporary home with more space, entertainment options, cars, and even up to 20,000 square feet of living space.

Contact us now 🙂 and let us together find your dream corporate apartment.