Why Do People Decide to Do Hybrid Work and Live in Nashville, Tennessee?

Did you know that the population of Nashville, Tennessee, has increased rapidly in recent years? Many people are moving to live in Nashville, Tennessee, every day.

PODS Enterprises’ second annual moving trends study revealed the top 20 places where people moved last year. Nashville came in third, behind Dallas-Fort Worth in second place and Sarasota in the first place.

So, what motivated Americans to decide to live in Nashville, Tennessee, out of all the fantastic cities in America?

The cost of living, low unemployment rate, and quality of life are people’s main factors when deciding whether to live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Also, access to technology for business and personal use and good places to live make it the desired destination.

Here at Now Leasing, every accommodation we offer includes “Hey Google” or “Alexa,” so people can take their favorite connections with them. But a new Smart TV is also waiting for them when they enter the unit.

We know that employers and employees who live in Nashville, Tennessee, need access to online tools. In our places, they can arrange their schedules and save time on travel to work. So employees can work whenever they want, as long as they meet deadlines.

Work and Live in Nashville

For many of us, remote working has evolved into a way of life over the past few years. For many employees, it has also become the “new normal” after the COVID-19 incident. People used to work in workplaces, but during the lockdown, they connected their laptops from home, chatted with coworkers on Slack, and organized their schedules on Asana or Trello.

Business leaders are now more certain about the productivity benefits of transitioning to working from home, but some still don’t want to quit their offices. That is why they started with hybrid work in Nashville.

Hybrid work is a flexible strategy that mixes working from home and in an office. It gives workers the freedom to decide how and where they work and the liberty to plan their workweek in a way that complies with corporate standards and their personal needs.

Employers who use a hybrid work style can help employees find a balance between life and work. This increases productivity and employee work engagement, making organizations run more effectively.

Here are the top benefits of hybrid work:

1. Increased productivity

Studies have shown a clear link between happy employees and business success, but more is needed to offer competitive pay and good benefits. A leader’s job is to make the workplace friendly, supportive, and accessible.

Allowing employees to work where and when they are most productive can benefit those who require quiet to concentrate or do well in an office environment.

2. Increased employee retention

Employee retention is essential to the success and expansion of any business.

The secret to happy employees is autonomy: employee happiness will soar if their boss gives their team members complete discretion over when, where, and how they work.

Additionally, autonomy is crucial for on-site employees. Workers who work in the office must feel confident in their ability to complete tasks without supervision.

3. Travel encourages new viewpoints.

Traveling to different states and countries gives people a new point of view and has the power to change them. With hybrid work, people who live in Nashville, Tennessee, can work from anywhere in the world.

4. Improving people’s lives

For companies to keep their loyal workers, it’s crucial to assist them in finding both professional and personal happiness through hybrid work. In Nashville, employers encourage and help with extracurricular activities like family bonding, trips to motivate employees, and getting to know each other in the workplace. All this helps a person grow as a person and as a worker.

Over 56% of the people who participated in a 2020 study that interviewed more than 10,000 workers and consumers thought that hybrid employment could make them happier. For example, employees who work from home can save the time they would have spent traveling and achieve a better work-life balance. On the other hand, when coworkers meet in person, they can get to know each other better and work together better.

Employees benefit from having the best of both worlds because they experience both working environments weekly.

5. Reducing meetings costs

This report’s Executive Summary about the Cost of Attending Unnecessary Meetings says:

  • On average, organizations invest an estimated $80,000 and could save an estimated $25,000 or more per employee per year by reducing “unnecessary” meeting attendance:
  • Professionals spend over one-third of their working hours in meetings: Although they want to decline 31% of meetings, they only reduce 14%, likely due to following organization norms.
  • Despite the profound amount of time wasted in meetings, nearly 80% of employees report that their managers have not talked about declining meetings: Employees attending unnecessary meetings report feeling “annoyed” and “frustrated.”
  • Reducing unnecessary meeting attendance would not only reduce strain on employees and increase productivity organizationally, but it would also help companies drastically cut costs: For companies of 100 people, cutting unnecessary meetings would save nearly $2,5M each year, and for companies of 5,000 that savings rise to over $100M

Why do people decide to live in Nashville, Tennessee?

Taking into consideration all these benefits, there is no doubt why companies prefer hybrid work.

And as mentioned, people decide to work and live in Nashville, Tennessee, because of the low cost of living, low unemployment rate, and high quality of life.

But this is not the only reason.

Nashville is the center of country music in the United States. It has a lively cultural scene, delicious regional food, great shopping, and fun nightlife. Check out these best places everyone needs to visit while there and find out why people choose to work and live in Nashville, Tennessee. (link to the previous article I wrote for this blog)

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