Why is Corporate Housing in Nashville, TN, an Ideal Relocation Solution?

Do you plan to relocate to Nashville? If so, corporate housing is the easiest way to find an appropriate and comfortable living place. Here is why:

Nashville is the capital of the United States state of Tennessee. According to the 2020 US Census, Nashville has 689,447 residents, making it the most populous city in Tennessee. It is the fourth-most populous city in the southeastern US and the 21st-most populous in the United States.

According to  PODS Enterprises, it is the #3 moving destination for out-of-town buyers

Why are so many people moving to Nashville?

Why is corporate housing in Nashville, TN, an ideal relocation solution?

Increased job opportunities are one reason people come to Nashville every day.

With headquarters being built in Nashville by software giant Oracle and online retailer Amazon, the city recently attracted more than 13,000 employees.

Another reason the city is growing is the cost of living. It’s about 14% less than the national average, which makes it easier for new residents to move to Music City.

Next, since Tennessee doesn’t have a state income tax, people won’t see it deducted from their paychecks or owe it when tax season comes around. Additionally, the state has removed the dividend tax, known as the Hall income tax, as of January 1, 2021. In other words, compared to residents of many other states, citizens in Tennessee can keep more of their money.

US News analyzed 150 metro areas in the United States to find the best places to live based on the quality of life and the job market in each metro area, as well as the value of living there and people’s desire to live there.

Nashville is

Nashville needs more affordable housing

So, in the past few years, local officials have tried to make more affordable housing available.

Some people who work for affordable housing are worried that Nashville won’t have enough cheap housing for people who move there for new jobs.

In the 2021 report,  Mayor John Cooper stated that Nashville needs to create 53,758 units by 2030. Eighteen thousand of those units need to be affordable housing. In addition, they need to earn 80% of the area’s median income (AMI) level or lower.

AMI is a useful indicator when talking about housing because it makes clear what vague words like “affordable” mean. According to HUD ( the Department of Housing and Development), affordable housing costs no more than 30% of a person’s income. AMI also helps figure out what can be afforded in a certain place, since incomes vary from place to place. (It’s crucial to understand that this figure is the median, not the average; it sits in the middle of the income range in Nashville.)

Generally speaking, there are three different kinds of households. HUD classifies families as low-income if they make less than 80% of the AMI. Extremely low-income households make less than 30% of the AMI, whereas very low-income households make less than 50%.

That is why the city is attempting to address the lack of affordable housing in many ways. In addition, other activists and charitable organizations are helping to solve this problem.

In his 2022 budget, Nashville Mayor John Cooper seeks to increase funding for initiatives promoting affordable housing.

Cooper has included $36 million for measures to promote affordable housing in the budget.

Recently, the city adopted and implemented innovative solutions to the issue. Nashville approved a measure in May 2021 permitting owners of single-family homes to build rental houses on their lands.

In this case, homeowners can’t use their properties for short-term rentals like Airbnb because it can increase the housing shortage and home and property costs. 

Corporate Housing in Nashville, TN

The shortage of homes and the number of people moving to Nashville forced people to use corporate housing in Nashville, TN, looking for a place to live while their homes were being built or renovated.

In the relocation sector, “corporate housing” refers to a short-term furnished apartment, condo, or home rental.

It is ideal for short-term missions, moves, and stays of long duration.

Here are the main reasons corporate housing in Nashville, TN, is the best solution:

1. Cost Savings

Corporate housing in Nashville, TN, is less expensive than staying at a hotel. Sometimes, hotels can be exceedingly expensive around holidays or when nearby events are happening. People will be charged extra for services even if they find a hotel room for a fair price. There will be fees for additional beds, drinks, meals, and snacks, among other things. However, people can get more space for less money and avoid paying for extra amenities when they rent from a company.

2. Pet Friendly

If they travel with animals, people must select an accommodation that accepts pets. When they move into a furnished rental unit in Nashville, TN, they can bring their pet with them. They will not have to worry about finding a property that allows pets or leaving their pets behind when they move.

3. Completely furnished kitchens

Many corporate apartments have fully functional kitchens that include everything people need to make meals. During their stay, they will have access to the tools, cooking supplies, and other things they need. It can give them greater control over what they eat while saving them a lot of money on food.

4. Internet access

All corporate residences have high-speed internet access, so residents can stay in touch even when they’re not at home. This is great for people who work from home or travel a lot.

5. Comfortable living spaces

Hotel rooms are often significantly smaller than corporate housing units. So after a long day at work, people can spread out and unwind in their comfortable apartments. Corporate housing in Nashville, TN, also offers comfortable beds and furniture to make them feel at home.

6. Flexible Lease Terms

People can rent corporate housing in Nashville, TN, whenever it is most convenient for them. This enables them to stay in the rental home for however long or short a period they require. They can often choose to renew their lease. The length of their stay in the rental home is up to them.

7. Furnished places to live

All living spaces are fully furnished. Therefore, people will not waste their time looking for and storing furniture that may be inappropriate in their permanent living place.

8. In-House Laundry Services

On-site laundry facilities are a common feature of executive apartments. In other words, people won’t have to bother doing their laundry while away from home. Instead, they may do the laundry in the comfort of their accommodations.

9. Customized Customer Care

Corporate housing in Nashville, TN, always provides personalized attention to its clients. In other words, someone will always help them during their journey.

It’s hardly surprising that they’re growing more and more popular each year, given their many benefits. Keep these advantages in mind while you search for short-term rentals in Nashville.

Your best solution, if you decide to relocate to Nashville

If you decide to relocate to Nashville, we are here to help you find the ideal living place.

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