Why Should You Consider Temporary Housing for Traveling Nurses in Nashville?

If you want to start a travel nursing business, Nashville, which has a lot of temporary housing for traveling nurses, is the perfect place to achieve your goals.


  • Nashville is #1 in the state of Tennessee and #12 of 19,654 cities nationwide, with over 14 hospitals
  • Nashville is a fantastic place to explore if you’re interested in learning more about music, history, art, culture, or nature

Spend your time and money wisely on housing for traveling nurses.

After accepting your assignment, you will have a lot of decisions to make, many of which will affect how you live for the next 13 weeks.

So be wise about how you spend your time and money on housing and use all the options at your disposal.

Remember, Now Leasing helps traveling nurses do their jobs by providing them with housing that is already set up.

Furnished housing is a must for a traveling nurse who may work in different parts of the country.

To save time and money on moving furniture, housing for traveling nurses should include furniture that is already in place.

Temporary housing options for traveling nurses

For your temporary housing for traveling nurses, you will have these choices:

You can take a housing stipend and seek accommodation on your own or

You can take a housing stipend and choose corporate housing, commonly known as company housing.

What is a housing stipend?

Why should you consider temporary housing for traveling nurses in Nashville

Through a travel nurse housing stipend or a housing reimbursement, employers pay for nurses’ housing and living costs when they do their jobs. Travel nurses can pay for temporary housing while they are away from their traditional homes because of this payment.

Seeking accommodation on your own

You’re in charge of selecting the short-term furnished home that provides the kind of lodging you’re looking for, but you also get to direct the whole procedure.

Corporate Housing

The most significant benefit of corporate housing is how much easier it is. By doing this, you give the housing coordinators at the corporate housing agency permission to find you a place to live for the length of your contract. They find a housing solution once you inform them of any housing requirements you may have, such as certain commutes and whether you might bring a spouse or pet.

Tips to help you locate furnished housing as a travel nurse with a Housing stipend

Here are some pointers to help you find temporary housing if you decide to go it alone.

Start with websites for vacation rentals.

Why should you consider temporary housing for traveling nurses in Nashville

Consider using vacation rental websites as a resource. VRBO and Airbnb are two of the most well-known.

These websites have great housing options and, for the most part, keep scammers away. In addition, you may view many vacation rentals by simply typing in a city or a state.

You’re looking for a modestly priced studio or one-bedroom apartment close to the hospital where you’ll be working.

But first, you must examine each property’s availability after reducing your search results.

Finding a home that can accommodate you for your 13-week stay can be challenging, but not impossible.

Visit Craigslist

But beware of “too good to be true” offerings on Craigslist since they almost always are!

Sincerely, you shouldn’t believe anything you read on Craigslist.

If you’re a part of some active Facebook Travel Nurse Housing Group, post a housing offer that seems too good to be true and inquire about its veracity.

Fortunately, other members will intervene and warn you to stay away if it’s a hoax.

Join the Travel Nurse Facebook Groups and Housing Groups;

If you haven’t already, join the Travel Nurse Facebook Groups and Housing Groups; it’s a terrific opportunity to learn from other travelers across the nation.

Hotels with extended stays

Why should you consider temporary housing for traveling nurses in Nashville

Extended-stay hotels are also used a lot by traveling nurses, either as a stopover between more typical accommodations or as their primary place to live.

Some traveling nurses enjoy the perks hotels offer, such as breakfast, housekeeping, and fitness centers.

Most hotels also accept animals up to 60 pounds.

Additionally, most of these hotels provide kitchens, which can help you save money on food when traveling and add an extra element of familiarity while you’re away for business.

Also, if your assignment gets canceled at the last minute, you have more options with a hotel than an apartment.

Beware of Housing Scams for Travel Nurses

Unfortunately, when you choose a home with a housing stipend, you must be vigilant about scams.

Unsavory characters are everywhere, even in the travel nurse housing market. Remember the proverb, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.”

Of course, the biggest giveaway is the price. Real estate priced at $100 below comparable alternatives is usually a scam.

Also, ensure their messages don’t have mistakes that look like spam, like misspelled words or wrong capitalization.

Many common ways to avoid fraud, like checking out the property and meeting the owner or management before signing a lease, aren’t always possible because you usually find a place to live online.

Consider these tips as you look for the best housing for a travel nurse, so you don’t get ripped off.

  • Make a call or video conference request
  • By conducting a Google reverse image search, check if the same images are being used for other home listings
  • Use Google Maps to verify the address, then use Street View to view the building and the neighborhood
  • Do some online research, especially on social media, about the landlord
  • Request testimonials from previous renters
  • If you aren’t sure, consider booking a hotel room for the first few weeks of your assignment while you look for a place to live. You won’t have to worry about choosing from far away because you’ll be able to visit the venues and judge them for yourself
  • Lastly, avoid sending money via wire transfers because they are frequently irreversible and nonrefundable
  • Also, avoid falling for fabricated stories and being coerced by overtly pushy sales tactics

Corporate Housing Solution

In the end, if travel nursing is something you want to pursue, don’t let concern over finding housing stop you. With the help of Now Leasing, it won’t take you long to find great furnished housing for traveling nurses.

And, while not every residence will have the same vacation-home vibe, you will feel safe and secure over your thirteen-week stay in every Now Leasing rental.

We keep adding more listings and making it easier and cheaper for traveling healthcare workers all over the country to rent furnished homes on a monthly basis.

If you want to stay after you finish your job, our agents can help you extend your lease.

Contact us now and find housing for traveling nurses with confidence.